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Wolf's Vision
Nature Photography
Yellowstone National Park
Mule Deer
Winter Stroll
Geyser Bison
Mammoth Hot Springs View
Bald Eagle in Snowy Pine
Bobby Sock Trees
Firehole Cascade
Yellowstone Sunset
Norris Geyser Basin II
Winter Geyser
Winter Fox
Snowy Trees and Steam
Frosted Bison in Early Morning II
Heart Pool
Cold Waterfall
Snowy Bighorn
Frosted Trees Along River
On The Hunt
Hoar Frost in Lamar Valley II
Pallette Spring
4 x 4
Frosty Trees
Gardiner River
Lamar Valley Sunrise
Geyser in Winter
Norris Geyser Basin IV
Bighorn Ram
Ghost Trees and Geyser Run-Off
Hot and Cold
Moose In The Willows
Ghost Tree - Vertical
Bighorn Ram
Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
Ghost Trees and Hot Pool
Silex Spring
Ghost Trees in Steam
Ghost Tree at Norris Geyser Basin
Bobby Sock Trees II
Frosted Bison in Lamar Valley
Ghost Trees
Ghost Trees in Norris Geyser Basin II
Resting Bull Elk
Ghost Trees at Norris Geyser Basin III
Ghost Tree Along River
Frosted Bison
Bare Trees and Frost
Ghost Trees Of Yellowstone
Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone II
Bobby Sock Trees III
Bison and Geysers
Hoar Frost in Lamar Valley
Fog Over The Gibbon River
Hoar Frosted Trees in Lamar Valley
Firehole River Cascade
Distant Geysers
Hoar Frosted Trees - Vertical
Lower Falls
Mammoth Terrace
Mammoth Hot Sprints
Midway Geyser Basin
Frosted Bison in Lamar Valley II
Firehole River
Mountain View from Norris Geyser Basin
Norris Geyser Basin
Norris Geyser Basin III
Coyote and Bison Kill
Scavenger Scuffle - Coyote and Magpie
Pronghorn Profile
Sleeping Bison
Snow Trees and Steam
Steam at Mammoth Terrace
Small Tree in Hayden Valley
Steam Trees
Steam Covered Trees
Steamed Trees in Hot Pool
Steamy View
Steamy View II
Sunset on the Gibbon River
Town Resident - Mule Deer
Winter in Hayden Valley
Mammoth Hot Springs
North to Gardiner
Opalescent Pool
At The Kill Site

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Winter in Yellowstone is a photographer's paradise.  I particularily enjoyed photographing the combination of the snow and the steam caused by the thermal areas.  It was certainly cold enough which allowed me to photograph frosted bison in the morning.  I was also fortunate to see a variety of wildlife.  This trip shold be on every photographer's or nature enthusiasts "bucket list"
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