Photo Gallery
Monarch Butterfly
Variegated Frittalary
Painted Lady
Painted Lady on Coneflower
17 Year Cicada
Butterfly on Flower
Fritallary on Thistle
Katydid on Lily
Butterfly on Fence Post
Sphinx Moth
Butterfly on Flower
Butterfly on Leaf
Black Wing Damselfly
Camofloughed Grasshopper
Comma Butterfly
Pennsylvania Leather-Wing
Skimmer Dragonfly
Morning Dew On Spider Web
Dew on Spider Web
Chiwaukee Prairie Dragonfly

Wolf's Vision 
Nature Photography
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The photos on this website are the property of Brian Wolf. No copying or saving is permitted.
As I am looking for scenes or animals to shoot, I am also looking to see what butterflies or insects might make an interesting photo.
               Brian Wolf
Butterfly on Flower
Spider Web with Morning Dew
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