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Athabasca Glacier and Wildflowers - Jasper NPHerbert Lake - Banff NPAmerican Globe Flower - Banff NPBanff National ParkPeyto Lake - Banff NPLake O'Hara - Yoho NPAngel Glacier - Jasper NPCoyote Pups - Jasper NPPaintbrush and Stream - Jasper NPBighorn Sheep Ram - Jasper NPCavell Lake - Jasper NPIndian Paintbrush - Jasper NPBighorn Sheep Lambs - Jasper NPPyramid Lake - Jasper NPBlack Bear and Three Cubs - Jasper NPBow Lake and Crowfoot Mountain - Jasper NPBull Elk - Banff NPCastle Mountain - Banff NPQuartzite Boulder Abstract - Jasper NPBighorn Sheep Lamb - Jasper NPMoraine Lake - Banff NPGrizzly Bear - Kootenay NPCastle Mountain - Banff NPCathedral Mountain from Lake O'Hara - Yoho NPElk Calf - Jasper NPBeauty Creek Reflecting Pool - Jasper NPCavell Lake and Mount Edith Cavell - Jasper NPCathedral Mountain from Little Lake O'Hara - Yoho NPBlack Bear - Jasper NPClouds Over Mount Rundle - Banff NPMountain Goat Kids - Jasper NPColumbian Ground Squirrel - Banff NPColumbine - Jasper NPCoyote Pups - Jasper NPPatricia Lake - Jasper NPLittle Lake O'Hara - Yoho NPBlack Bear - Kootenay NP Crowfoot Glacier - Banff NPElk Cow and Calf - Jasper NPFirst Light on Wilcox Pass - Jasper NPFleabane - Jasper NPGraveyard Flats - Banff NPGrizzly Bear - Jasper NPHarlequin Duck - Banff NPHerbert Lake - Banff NPHorseshoe Lake - Jasper NPBlack Bear and Two Cubs - Jasper NPCavell Lake - Jasper NPHowe Pass - Banff NPIndian Paintbrushes - Jasper NPElk in Velvet - Banff NPJasper National ParkJohnston Canyon - Banff NPLake Louise Sunrise - Banff NPLone Paintbrush - Jasper NPMaligne Canyon Waterfall - Jasper NPMistaya River - Banff NPMoraine Lake - Banff NPElk Calf - Jasper NPMossy Waterfall - Banff NPMount Rundle and Sunset Clouds - Banff NPMarble Canyon - Kootenay NPMount Rundle from Vermillion Lakes - Banff NPMountain Goat and Kid - Jasper NPMule Deer Buck - Banff NPOchre Paint Pots Abstract - Kootenay NPOsprey - Banff NPParker's Ridge - Banff NPPatricia Lake Sunrise - Jasper NPPond Reflections - Kootenay NPQuartzite Boulder Abstract - Jasper NPRainbow over Vermillion Lakes - Banff NPRocky Mountain Sunrise - Banff NPMoraine Lake - Banff NPFresh Snow on Wilcox Pass - Jasper NPSpirit Island - Jasper NPMule Deer Fawn - Banff NPVermillion Lake Sunset - Banff NPWhite Tail Deer in Velvet - Jasper NPEarly Morning Light on Wilcox Pass - Jasper NPYellow Lady Slipper - Jasper NPWilcox Pass Snowfall - Jasper NPSunset on Medicine Lake - Jasper NPOsprey - Banff NPSunrise on Lake Louise - Banff NP
Lake Louise Sunrise - Banff NP
Canadian Rockies photos taken at Banff, Jasper, Yoho, and Kootenay National Parks.  This is just a sample of the photos I took in this area.  I have many more animal photos from this area and many additional landscape photos from different angles and perspectives.  It was just too hard to include all of my Canadian Rockies photos in this gallery.  If you are looking for something in particular you don't see, please contact me.
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Brian Wolf
Black Bear - Jasper NP
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