Minnesota Prairie
Showy Lady Slippers
Showy Lady Slippers II
Showy Lady Slipper Bloom Surrounded By Other Lady Slipper Leaves
Tulip Colors
Sunflowers and Monarch
Trailing Trillium
Pastel Tulip
White Flowering Crab
Poinsettias III
Flowering Crab IV
Golden Flowers
Pastel Tulip - Vertical
Red Tulips
Sunflower Field - South Dakota
Blue Bells
Indian Paint Brush
Fancy Tulip
Poinsettias II
Flowering Crab III
Multi-Colored Tulip
Red Tulips II
Sunflower Field #2 - South Dakota
Showy Lady Slipper
Flowering Crab II
Wild Geranium - Cabin
Orchids - Balboa Park,  San Diego
Flowering Crab
Pink Fringed Tulip
Trillium - Petrifying Springs Park
Sunflower - South Dakota
Tulip Colors II
Light Blue Iris
Showy Lady Slipper III
Yellow Lady Slippers
Tulip Tree Flowers
Single Pink Tulip
Orchids - Balboa Park, San Diego
Tulips - Abstract
Prairie Coneflowers
Blue Bonnets
Tulip Blossom
Fancy Tulip
Day Blooming Tropical Water Lily
Sunflowers - Wisconsin
Trout Lily
Water Lily Reflections
Macro Tulip
Blue Flag - Chiwaukee Prairie
Bird of Paradise - San Diego
Orchid Macro Close-Up
Showy Lady Slipper - Side View
Sunflowers - Wisconsin
Day Bilooming Tropical Water Lily
Multi-colored Rose - Balboa Park, San Diego
Sunflower Field - South Dakota
Lupines - Plainfield
White Fringed Orchid - Endangered
Lily and Bud
Purple Iris
White and Purple Iris
Two Tone Iris
Iris Close-Up
Fringed Tulip
White Flowering Crab
Trout Lilies
Red Trillium - Hawthorn Hollow
Orange Rose - Balboa Park, San Diego
Water Lily Reflectioin
Orhid - Macro Close-Up
White Tulip
Red Rose - Balboa Park, San Diego
Water Lily
Shooting Stars
Sunflowers - South Dakota
Tulip Abstract
Flower Abstract
Day Blooming Tropical Waer Lily
Purple and Black Iris
Water Lilies
Lotus Flower
Blue and White Iris
Nothing But Seeds
Sunflower - Kansas
Lily Pads
Pink and Red Cosmos
Hardy Water Lily
Yellow Tulip
Trillums - Petrifying Springs Park
Yellow Iris
Wild Geraniums - Rocky Arbor State Park
Bird Foot Violets - Chiwaukee Prairie
Iris - Close-Up
Pink Lady Slipper
Lilies of the Valley
White Fringed Orchid - Endangered
Bird of Paradise
Pink Lady Slippers
White and Pink Gladiolis
Coneflowe - Bad Hair Day
Orange Lily
White and Pink Gladiolis
Water Lily
Cone Flower
Bird of Paradise
Lily - Close-Up
Lily - Side View
Crocuses Close- Up
White Poinsettia
Petunias, Petunias, Petunias
Tulips, Tulips, Tulips
Pink Tulip
Backlit Pink Tulip
Backlit Tulip
Ti Plant
Tulip Colors
Colorful Tulip Macro
Pink Tulip Close-Up
Red Rose Macro
Tulip - Vertical
Orange Tulip
Orange Tulip - Vertical
Spring Beauty
Trilliums In The Woods
Tulip Petals
Yellow Trout Lily
Yellow Tulip
Phlox At The Cabin
Flowering Crab II
Flowering Crab III
Flowering Crab IV
Sunflower - South Dakota
Flowering Crab V
Fancy Columbine
Lupine Colors
Orange Lilies
Sunflowers - Wisconsin
Photo Gallery

Wolf's Vision 
Nature Photography
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The photos on this website are the property of Brian Wolf. No saving or copying is permitted.
I don't think I will ever tire of taking photos of flowers.  The variety of shapes and colors is almost endless.  I also look for close-up pictures within flowers as well.  I use a black background whenever possible to remove any distraction from the flower.
                  Brian Wolf
Wild Geraniums
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