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Wild Horse Photos
Wild Horse Photos
Wild Horse
Wolf's Vision
Nature Photography

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In addition to the beautiful landscape and bison, Theodore Roosevelt  National Park is home to several herds of feral horses.  If you do get the opportunity to encounter them on your trip, be careful, they are wild!  (I usually move my more recent photos to the beginning, however, in this case there is just too many.  Newer photos start in the middle and have my copyright symbol.)
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Alluvium - TRNP
Anzar and Amargo - TRNP
Daisy - TRNP
Dolly - TRNP
Dolly and Oakley - TRNP
Dolly and Oakley #2 - TRNP
Kat - TRNP
Kat #2 - TRNP
Red Face - TRNP
Teton - TRNP
Red Face - TRNP
Wild Horses - TRNP
Nichols #2
Nichols - TRNP
Wild Horse - TRNP
Brian Wolf
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