On The Hunt
Winter Fox
Moose In The Willows
4 x 4
Coyote Up Close
Mule Deer Doe
Peek A Boo
Mountain Goat Profile
Grizzly Bear
Yellow Bellied Marmots
Grizzly Bear - Snow
Nursing Elf Calf
Monster Mule Deer
Black Footed Ferret - Endangered
Bull Moose Feeding On Willows
Elk Cow and Calf
Feeding Grizzly Bear
Bighorn Sheep
Mountain Goat Kid
Black Bear
Bull Moose - WY
Bull Moose #2 - WY
Moose Cow and Calf - WY
Moose Calf - WY
Wild Burro and Cold - Custer State Park, SD
Wild Burros - Custer State Park, SD
Burro Colt - Custer State Park, SD
Burro Colt #2 - Custer State Park, SD
Burro Colt #3 - Custer State Park, SD
Grizzly Bear II
Leopard Frog
Colt and Mare
Eastern Fox Snake
Sun Star
Snapping Turtle
Key Deer Buck - Endangered
Boys Will Be Boys
Gator Close-Up
Painted Turtle
Wild Burro Foal
Sea Star
Snapping Turtle
Yearling - Cade's Cove
Young Iguana
Snapping Turtle
Crab at Salt Creek
Camoflouged Leopard Frog
White Tail Deer
White Tail Doe
Fight In Cades CoveWhit
Nutria Nest
Brook Trout
Fawn at Nebish Lake
Rainbow Trout
Blandings Turtle - Endangered
Snapping Turtle - Island Lake
Wild Burro
White Tail Deer Fawn
Cow and Calf - Iowa
Black Squirrel
Whitetail Deer Fawns
Four Eyes - Bull Frog
Grey Squirrel
Grey Squirrel
Animal Photos

Wolf's Vision 
Nature Photography
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The photos on this website are the property of Brian Wolf. No saving or copying is permitted.
I take animal photos pretty much wherever I go.    Looking for a particular animal you don't see, contact me.
                 Brian Wolf
Black Bear and Two Cubs - Jasper NP
Elk Herd - Rocky Mountain National Park
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