Sunrise on the Pike River and Lake Michigan
February Blizzard
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Brian Wolf
Birches and Maple Leaves - Michigan UP

Whooping Cranes
Painted Lady on Cone Flower
Common Loon
Morning Fog on Island Lake
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Have just uploaded some winter photos, eagle photos, tulip photos and spring migration photos under Recent Photos.  

Looking forward to two weeks in Yellowstone!  I am sure I will have lots of pics from there to post when I return. Stay tuned!

We are also taking our annual trip to Hatch Lake in Minnesota where I will be spending lots of time with loons.  Also looking forward to see what new and different showy lady slipper photos I can get.

My Hawaii photos are now posted in their own gallery.  Click here to view them.

I have a new children's book - .Bruce the Goose the story of a young gosling growing up on Horicon Marsh preparing to fly south for the winter.  Your children will enjoy Bruce's adventures plus also seeing some of the other inhabitants he finds. 

Interior decorators/designers if you don't see something you are looking for, email me I probably have it!

Enjoy the website!  Spend some time and look around.

Brian Wolf

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