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Caspian Terns in Racine
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Wolf's Vision
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Lake Mead
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The photos on this website are the property of Brian Wolf. No saving or copying is permitted.
             Brian Wolf

Spent a couple days photographing the trumpeter swans at Monticello, MN.  Not the thousands that were supposed to be there due to warmer weather, but still plenty to take photos of.
Showy Lady Slippers
Showy Lady Slipper
Prairie Assortment
Cone Flowers
Summer Prairie
Sunset On Hatch Lake
White Pelicans All In A Row
Preening Pelican
Wild Geranium
White Flowering Crab
Single Pink Tulip
Bleeding Hearts
Flowering Crab Blossoms
Two Tone Iris
A few photos from this summer - 2015
Loons at Hatch Lake in northern Minnesota.
Spring flowers.  I use my macro lens the most during this time of the year.
Fog In The Distance - Badlands NP
Badlands with Fog in the Distance - Badlands NP
Badlands of North Dakota
Sage Creek - Badlands NP
Yellow Mounds - Badlands NP
Wild Horse Herd - Theodore Roosevelt NP
All Eyes Forward - Theodore Roosevelt NP
Antelope Fight - Custer State Park
Bison On A Ledge
Herd Bull - Badlands NP
Fog On The Little Missouri - Theodore Roosevelt NP
Leap of Faith (Bighorn Sheep Lamb) - Badlands NP
Predator in The Long Grass - Theodore Roosevelt NP
Pronghorn Antelope - Custer State Park
Wild Horse - Theodore Roosevelt National Park
Wild Horse II - Theodore Roosevelt National Park
Wild Horse III - Theodore Roosevelt National Park
Wild Horse IV - Theodore Roosevelt National Park
Wild Horses - Theodore Roosevelt NP
Roughlock Falls - Spearfish Canyon, SD
Fast Water - Roughlock Falls - Spearfish Canyon, SD
Maple Colors
Birch Tree Peeking Through the Maples
Autumn Birches
Northern Pond
Shades of Sumac
River Reflections
Upson River Cascade
America's Dairyland
Fall Reflections in Slowly Moving Water
Upson Falls - Self Reflection
Slate Abstract
Trumpeter Swan in Flight
Fancy Colors
Orange Maple
Look Up
Shady Lane
Yellow Maples and Birch
Maple Colors
Autumn Peak
Northern Wisconsin
Autumn Forest
Forest Close-Up
Maple Syrup Woods
Chequamegon - Nicolet National Forest
Cornfield Decorations
Hunting River - Fall colors
Fall Cascade on Hunting River
I have been finding too many of my photos on other websites without my permission. As a result I am now placing my © on all new photos I post.  I don't think it will distract your viewing of the photo; however, I hope it does discourage people from trying to steal my photos.
Some photos from my 2015 Badlands Loop Tour.  Started at Theodore Roosevelt National Park in ND, then to Custer State Park in SD and finally to Badlands National Park in SD.
Fall colors have gotten off to a very slow start this year in WI.  Spent the first few days of October driving the northern tier counties in search of color.  It should have been at peak, but it was not; hence some of the abstract photos to keep me occupied.  We went back north the following weekend and as you can tell we sure hit peak that weekend!
Winter River
After The Storm
Goodbye Autumn
Heavy Snow
Snow Berries
Snow Berries II
White River
Winter Trees
Winter Wins
Through The Branches
​Some early season snow photos from southeast Wisconsin.
Winter Storm Remains
White Out
Cottonwood River During Snowstorm
Pretend Birches
Winter Birches
White Woods
Winter On The Minnesota River
Minnesota River Bank
Winter River Bank
Snowing On Birches
Frost Before Dawn
Frost Decoration
Frosty Woods
Frost Lace
Cold Morning
Frosted White
Frosted oaks
Winter Trail
Winter On The Golf Course
Winter In The Woods
Snow, Snow, Snow
Snowfall On The Pike River
Winter Sunrise
Snow Patterns
Winter storm photos from southern Minnesota.  Also some fresh snow pictures from WI as well as some hoar frost photos.  We haven't had much snow here in SE Wisconsin, but it seems like I am sure getting a good number of snow photos this year!  I like winter photography almost as much as fall photography.
Christmas Tree Farm
Winter Oaks
Winter Fog
Reflections and Shadows
Winter Driveway
Winter Sunrise
Red Barn
Woodpecker Tree in Winter
Erosion Arches
Clouds Rolling In
Colorful Sandstone
Colorful Valley of Fire
Crazy Hill
Fire Wave
Koalin Wash
Pink Canyon
Pink Canyon II
Pink Canyon III
Pink Canyon IV
Pink Canyon V
Rough Terrain
Sandstone Palette
Storm Clouds
Valley of Fire
Valley of Fire Formations
Valley of Fire II
Valley of Fire III
These photos were taken in Central Wisconsin following a pretty good snowfall.
​In March of 2016 I had a conference in Las Vegas, NV.   Since Valley of Fire State Park is only about 45 minutes north of there, I couldn't resist the temptation of spending some time in the park.  While the whole park is an awesome place, I decided to focus on the north end of the park, which I consider to be the most colorful.  These photos are from the Crazy Hill, Pink Canyon and Fire Wave areas.
Olsen Cabin with Bear - I also have this scene without the bear
Bud Ogle Farm
Trillium With Dark Center
Strutting Turkey
Sparks Lane
Springtime In The Woods - Phlox
Wild Geraniums
Early Light On Cades Cove
Dogwood On The Ridge
Smokey Mountain Waterfall
Sunset On The Creek
Yellow Trillium
First Sunlight Dogwoods
River's Edge Dogwood
Cades Cove Dogwoods
Hen Turkey
Colorful Stream
Crested Dwarf Iris
River In Spring
Pink Fringed Trillium
Dogwood Branch
Mossy Waterfall
Showy Orchis
Feeding Doe
​I planned my spring trip to Great Smokey Mountain National Park to coincide with the dogwood bloom.  They did not disappoint!  There were plenty of other wildflowers in bloom as well.  This place was a photographer's dream.