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Caspian Terns in Racine
Recent Photos

Wolf's Vision
Nature Photography
Lake Mead
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The photos on this website are the property of Brian Wolf. No saving or copying is permitted.
             Brian Wolf

Spent about an hour photographing these swans weren't camera shy.  They actually swam closer to me when they noticed me on the side of the pond!  

The egret was standing on some rocks at a base of a dam.  
Avocet II
Avocets Feeding
Avocets Swimming
Big Mouthful - Heron
Burrowing Owl
Cinnamon Teal
Elk And Mountains
Hallett Peak
Moraine Park
Moraine Park Sunrise
Purple Mountains
Rocky Mountain National Park
Tulip Colors I
Tulip Colors II
Turkey Profile
Turkey Shadow
Western Meadowlark
Prairie Dog
Prairie Dog Pups
Balancing Rock
Garden Of Gods and Pikes Peak
Kissing Camels
Kissing Camels and Pikes Peak
Baltimore and juvenile orioles.
Baltimore Oriole
Black Necked Stilt At Horicon National Wildlife Refuge - Vertical
Black Necked Stilt - Horicon National Wildlife Refuge
Blue Jay
Blue Wing Teal - Horicon Marsh
Canada Geese
Canada Goose and Goslings - Horicon National Marsh
Goslings - Horicon National Marsh
House Finch
Feeding Time - Baltimore Oriole
Tulip Macro - Vertical
Tulip Macro
Rough Water Shovler - Horicon National Wildlife Refuge
Sandhill Crane
Sandhill Crane In Flight
Flowering Crab I
Flowering Crab II
Fire In The Sky
Canoe On Hatch Lake
Hatch Lake Sunrise
Took a trip to visit our son in Colorado in May.  Spent time at Rocky Mountain National Park, Arsenal National Wildlife Area and Barr Lake State Park.
Abstracts of uprooted pine trees in Rocky Mountain National Park.
Garden Of The Gods - Colorado
Spring photos in Wisconsin.
Showy Lady Slippers.  Perhaps my favorite flower to photograph.
Lake sunrise and sunset photos.
Common Loons
Aspen Boles and Fall Color
Aspen Colors
Aspen Stand
Aspen Rainbow
Aspen Reflections
Reflections in Crystal Lake
Aspen Stand - 20 x 10 inches
Aspens in Early Light
Aspens in Early Light II
Backlit Aspens
Battle Damage
Black-footed ferret - Endangered
Castle Mountain - Ohio Pass
Changing Aspens
Colorful Aspens
Cottonwood Reflections
Golden Cottonwoods
Cottonwoods Along Gunnison River
Cottonwoods in Autumn
Dallas Divide
Gunnison River
Gunnison River Abstract
Light Snow In The Mountains - RMNP
Big Bull - RMNP
Big Rack - Mule Deer - RMNP
Mountainside Aspens
Ohio Pass
Red Mountain
Ridgeway State Park after sundown
San Juan Mountains
San Juan Mountains II
San Juan Mountains III
Magnificent Sunset - Ridgeway State Parki
Trail Ridge Road - RMNP
Badlands Reds - Badlands NP
Badlands National Park
Big Badlands Overlook - Badlands NP
Bison Fight - Wind Cave National Park
Burns Basin Overlook - Badlands NP
Cedar Pass Area
Conata Basin - Badlands NP
In Your Face - Wind Cave NP
Mountain Goat Kid - Black Hills Area
Mountain Goat Profile - Black Hills Area
Pronghorn Antelope - Wind Cave NP
Sunflower Field - 20 x 10 inches
Sunrise Buck - Black Hills Area
Sure Footed - Bighorn Sheep Lamb - Badlands NP
The Big Boys - 20 x 10 inches - Badlands NP
Wind Cave National Park
Yellow Mounds - Badlands NP
Yellow Mounds II - Badlands NP
A return trip to Colorado for fall colors.  Spent a good deal of time in the San Juan Mountains in Southwest Colorado - Ouray, Ridgeway, Telluride, Silverton.  

Also spent a brief time in Rocky Mountain National Park as the elk were in rut. Took a photo of an elk with main beams broken off in a fight.  Hard to imagine the brute force required to snap those off in a fight.  The other elk was an amazing bull - he was a 7 x 7.

Also was fortunate to photograph an endangered black-footed ferret at Arsenal Wildlife Refuge in Denver.  Not only is it endangered, but nocturnal, so to catch him out during the day was really lucky.
Spent some time in South Dakota in August.  Photos are from Badlands National Park, Wind Cave National Park, Custer State Park and the Black Hills area.

The bison were just coming into rut so got some photos of them showing off and challenging one another.  Only one brief encounter.  If you look closely at the pic, I am not sure if it is dirt or hair flying above their heads.
Red Maple - Taylor County, WI
Orange Maple - Oneida County, WI
Pond Reflections - Sawyer County, WI
Fall Colors - Taylor County, WI
Fall Colors - Portage County, WI
Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins
Cemetery Maples - Made a trip to one of the local cemeteries in town.  It has dozens of huge, majestic maples throughout the property.  I caught them at peak color.  
Wisconsin Autumn - The fall colors were pretty in northern Wisconsin; however, the weather was not real cooperative - drizzle, overcast.  After that initial weekend, the colors seemed to fizzle throughout the state.