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Caspian Terns in Racine
Recent Photos

Wolf's Vision
Nature Photography
Lake Mead
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The photos on this website are the property of Brian Wolf. No saving or copying is permitted.
             Brian Wolf

On the way back from Yellowstone we made a visit to Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  Got to spend a good deal of time with the wild horses the first morning we were there. (If you have an interest in the horse photos, contact me as I have many, many more from the trip that are not posted here.)
Double Landing
Cackling Geese
Cackling Goose Ready To Land
Banked Turn
Cackling Goose In Flight
Cackling Goose Profile
Three Amigos
Canada Goose
Landing Gear Down
Putting On The Brakes
Frontal View - Canada Goose
Canada Goose Profile
Goose Fight
Big Stretch
Stretching Canada Goose
Went to visit our son and daughter-in-law in February at Hutchinson, KS.  Looked as if the Canada and Cackling Geese were starting to make their way back north.  They sure liked the river going through one of the parks there!  You can tell the photos of the Cackling Geese as they have much shorter bills than the Canadas.
Since the coronavirus has put a stop to my photography travels, I decided to put on my macro lens and photograph some of the local spring flowers.  Stay safe!
Rose-breasted Grosbeak
Baltimore Oriole
American Goldfinch
Nashville Warbler
House Finch
Northern Cardinal - Female
Northern Cardinal
Baltimore Oriole II
Orchard Oriole - Juvenile
Orchard Oriole
Rose-breasted Grosbeak II
White Crowned Sparrow
Baltimore Oriole - Female
Baltimore Oriole and House Finch
Finches - Goldfinch and House Finch
Orioles - Female Baltimore Oriole and Orchard Oriole
Orchard Oriole - Juvenile On Feeder
Cardinal - Female II
Goldfinch II
Baltimore Oriole III
Orchard Oriole II
Cardinal Getting Some Sun
Baltimore Oriole - Female I
Cat Bird
Baltimore Oriole IV
Gray Squirrel
Gray Squirrel II
Gray Squirrel
Black Squirrel
Since I am not traveling right now, I spent a good amount of time in the backyard in my blind as the birds were migrating through.  Had quite an assortment.  Stay safe!
Trumpeter Swan
Trumpeter Swan and Cygnet
Trumpeter Swan
Trumpeter Swan
Trumpeter Swans
Endangered Whooping Crane and Colt
Whooping Crane Colt
Whooping Crane
It's Sunflower Time!

Photos taken in sunflower fields in Wisconsin and Kansas.
Photos from trips to Horicon NWR and Neceda NWR in Wisconsin.
Back Road Colors - Marquette County
Sunlit Patterns
Red Maples
Splendid Maples
Country Road
Ray Of Light
Nature's Kaleidoscope
Maple Forest - Rib Mountain State Park
Autumn Colors - Portage County
Changing Maples - Fort Atkinson
Early Autumn - Lake Du Bay
Fall Patterns - Mosinee, WI
John Muir County Park - Marquette County
Autumn Oaks - Marquette County
Maple Branches - :Portage County
Fox River National Wildlife Refuge - Marquette County
Orange Maple Leaves - Mosinee, WI
Orange Maples - Mosinee, WI
Stand Of Color - Marathon County
Stand of Maples - Marathon County
Sunshine Maples - Rib Mountain State Park
Fall color photos from central and southern Wisconsin.
Sunrise On The Mecan River
Rime Frost In The Woods
Rime Frost
Fresh Snow
Pine Cones and Rime Frost
Downy Woodpecker - Female
Downy Woodpecker - Male
Dark-eyed Junco On Snow
Tufted Titmouse
Red-bellied Woodpecker
Mallard Hen Landing
Duck Fight
Mallard IN Flight
Mallard Pair On Snow
Random Winter Photos

Despite Covid, a stretch of frigid temperatures and major snowfalls, I managed to get out and take a few photos this winter.