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Caspian Terns in Racine
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             Brian Wolf
Southeast Wisconsin Fall Colors

​Took a trip to Michigan UP.  Either colors were gone in areas and in others still green.  Didn't take my camera out of the bag all weekend.  The local colors near our house in SE Wisconsin never disappoint!
Theodore Roosevelt National Park

It was actually qvery hazy at times in the park due to the wildfires in Canada.  Up close shots of the wildlife were okay, but had to shoot landscape shots when the haze lessened.
Wild Horses - Theodore Roosevelt NP

We specifically went to TRNP to photograph the horses - perhaps one last time as the Park Service is working on a management plan for them - one of which is total removal of all the horses as they see them as an invasive species.  I won't go into further details here.  It was very hot when we were there in September and we saw lots of horses; however, they were most visible before the sun came up or after it set.  Not great for photo ops, but we did manage to find a few bands that were out and about during better lighting conditions.
Longhorn Steer - Theodore Roosevelt NP

We got lucky this time and  saw the very small herd of longhorn steer.  I spent over an hour in the 100+ degree temps trying to get photos.  It is amazing how long they can lay/stand without moving one muscle as I waited for a couple of them turn to look in my direction.
Custer State Park

Pretty toasty here as well.  Saw a couple of the burros.  Saw this pronghorn about 150+ yards out and it started walking straight at our vehicle.  Pulled over and shut off the car and just waited.  Finally he ended up about 15 yards across the gravel road from us!  Could have cared less that we were there.