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Caspian Terns in Racine
Recent Photos

Wolf's Vision
Nature Photography
Lake Mead
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             Brian Wolf
Macro Tulips
Tree Blossom - Abstract
Fancy Tulip
Trout Lily
Orange Tulip Macro
Flowering Tree and Daffodils at Hawthorne Hollow
Flowering Tree at Hawthorne Hollow
Tulip Abstract - Playing With Depth of Field
Trout Lilies
Flowering Tree and Daffodils
Need to look up the name of these flower yet.  If anyone knows please email me.
Yellow Trout Lily
Yellow Tulip
Tulip Blossom
Orange Tulip
Playing with Depth of Field - Tulip Blossoms
Pink and White Tulip
It was time to dig my black backboard out of my backpack and start shooting some spring flowers!
Dells of the Eau Claire
Dells of the Eau Claire II
Rapids Abstract
Fast Water
Fast Water II
Fast Water III
Fast Water IV
Fast Water - Vertical
Dells of the Eau Claire.  Lighting got bad after a bit, but I noticed what appeared to be almost little rainbows where the water ran over the rocks, so I switched to abstract mode!  Got some very cool designs "painted" by mother nature.  I kept lots of these abstract photos!
Amnicon Falls, WI
Reflecting at Artist Point, MN
Rainbow at High Falls, MN
Lake Superior Shoreline, MN
Forest Green - Gunflint Trail
Cascade Falls, MN
Durfee Creek, MN
Goosebery Falls, MN
Lake Superior shoreline at Grand Marais, MN
Colorful Shoreline on Lake Superior, MN
Up North, MN
Split Rock Lighthouse, MN
Birches and Blossoms, MN
Fast Water - Amnicon River, MN
Beaver River and Falls, MN
Gooseberry Falls Cascade
Fast Water at Gooseberry Falls
Oconto Creek and Lake Superior, WI
Split Rock Lighthouse, MN
Moose on the Gunflint Trail in MN.  We found a marshy area that held moose and were lucky that whenever we went by it there was at least once moose in it.  The bull we saw was a yearling, nothing with a little bigger rack developing.  The photos with the dark background happened as the moose was in the shadows and the sun happened to light up the moose!  Darkened the photo just a bit to help with the effect.

Recent trip around Lake Superior in MN and WI.  One of my goals was to get a baby moose (see below) and the northern lights.  No luck with the lights, but will go back sometime and try again.  Lots of state parks in the MN section with many waterfalls.  A very nice trip to take, but don't rush!
Coneflower Bouquet II
Coneflower Prairie
Prairie Bouquet
Blue Water Lily Reflections
Red Water Lily
Water Lily
Water Lily Reflections
Water Lily Close-Up
Coneflowers and water lilies.  A couple of shots from the weekend.  Was pretty bright before I got to shoot the water lilies.  Photos are under exposed quite a bit to reduce glare on the flowers.  Makes the water appear black - I kind of like it!
Not nature photography, but I took my camera to the fireworks on the 4th.  I like some of the shots I got, so thought I would share some.  If you are interested in these and don't see exactly what you like, I have dozens more!
Sunset on Talmoon Lake
Le Homme Deu Sunrise
Storm Clouds Over Hatch Lake
Sunset on Maple Lake
Water Lilies on Hatch Lake
Water Lily
Loon Stretching
Loon at Hatch Lake
Loon and Water Droplets
Common Loon
Loon in the Fog
Loon Rorschach
Loons on Hatch lake
Loon on Hatch Lake
The Conversation
Loon in the Mist
Had a nice trip to northern MN.  Spent the week near Bigfork.  Weather wasn't always the most cooperative, but got some photos anyway.  The water lilies were only out one day.  Of course there were loons!  I will be adding lots more of these loon photos under the loon gallery in the next few days.
Wildflowers at Horicon Marsh
Twilight Midway
State Fair
A lot of wildflowers at Horicon Marsh.  Will have to pay more attention to that next summer.  Decided to take some night shots at the Wisconsin State Fair.
Sunset Sandhills
Whooping Crane
Whooping Crane in Early Morning Sun
This crane's partner was resting back a ways and apparently it was just checking back in with the other one.
Whooping Crane
Whooping Cranes
Whooping Crane
Whooping Crane
The sandhill cranes near our cabin have started to group up.  I spent two early mornings trying to get some good photos of the sandhills, when a pair of whooping cranes landed relatively close to my truck and provided me with some nice photos.
Woodpecker Birches In The Fog
Birches In The Fog
Late Season Flowers In The Fog
Colorful Foggy Morning
Roadside Colors
Early Colors on Otter Lake
Fall Reflections On The Wolf River
Red Maple In The Woods
Fall Color Pallette
Early Colors On The Wolf River
Oak Leaf Bouquet
Red Maple Forest
Wisconsin Colors
Birches and Maple Leaves
Reflections On The Wolf River II
Sumacs In The Fog
Birches Among The Maples
Maple Leaves
A Forest Blend
Red Maple Leaves
My favorite time of the year!  I love the colors.  These photos were taken in Langlade County, WI.  The rest of the state seems to be a little behind them, so I am hoping to get two more weekends of fall color photography!
Maple Reflections On The Pike River
Pike River Autumn Colors
Smoke On The Water
Colorful Bend In The Pike River
Pike River Colors
Colors On The Pike River
Riverbank Colors
River Bank Maples
These fall photos were taken in or along the Pike River in Kenosha, WI.
Earth Tones
Oak Woods in November
November Oak Woods
Oak Trees
Winter Getting Ready to Set In
Windswept Birches
Aspen Woods in November
Bracing For Winter
Fence Row Birches
November Colors
November Birches
November in Wisconsin.  Earth tones of the oak woods and undergrowth.  Also found some birches with some leaves that were still hanging on as winter gets ready to set in.
Winter Morning at Bosque
Blast Off Abstract
Feeding Frenzy
Here They Come
Landing Gear Down
Backlit Blast Off
V Formatoin
Ross' Goose and Snow Goose
Announcing His Arrival
Snow Goose in Flight
Snow Goose on Water
Cornfield Blast Off
Catching The Wind
Dusk At The Crane Pond
Landing In The Cornfield
Coming In For A Landing
Landing Snow Goose
Courtship Dancers
Gambel's Quail
Great Blue Heron
Pintail in Sunrise Light
Wood Duck
Widgeon Preening
Mule Deer Buck - 2 x 2
Ringneck Duck
Sandhill Crane in Flight
Widgeon Pair
Wood Duck Drake
Just got back from a trip to Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge in NM.  An awesome place to be.  52,000+ white geese and almost 100,000 ducks, mostly pintails.  I have many more geese photos and dozens of photos of each species of duck that I posted here.  Will be setting up a separate gallery page for Bosque in the near future.  Check back.