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Caspian Terns in Racine
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Wolf's Vision
Nature Photography
Lake Mead
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             Brian Wolf

Winter Morning at Bosque
Blast Off Abstract
Feeding Frenzy
Here They Come
Landing Gear Down
Backlit Blast Off
V Formatoin
Ross' Goose and Snow Goose
Announcing His Arrival
Snow Goose in Flight
Snow Goose on Water
Cornfield Blast Off
Catching The Wind
Dusk At The Crane Pond
Landing In The Cornfield
Coming In For A Landing
Landing Snow Goose
Courtship Dancers
Gambel's Quail
Great Blue Heron
Pintail in Sunrise Light
Wood Duck
Widgeon Preening
Mule Deer Buck - 2 x 2
Ringneck Duck
Sandhill Crane in Flight
Widgeon Pair
Wood Duck Drake
Just got back from a trip to Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge in NM.  An awesome place to be.  52,000+ white geese and almost 100,000 ducks, mostly pintails.  I have many more geese photos and dozens of photos of each species of duck that I posted here.  Will be setting up a separate gallery page for Bosque in the near future.  Check back.
Gold Finches
Blue Wing Teal
Yellow Rumped Warbler
Chestnut Sided Warbler
Yellow Warbler
Rose Breasted Grosbeak
Least Bittern
Orioile II
Canada Goose Gosling
Blackburn Warbler
Mountain Bluebird with Caterpillar
Stellars Jay
Ice on Tioga Lake - Yosemite
Ice Reflections - Yosemite
Tioga Pass View - Yosemite
Beaver Pond - Virginia Lakes Area
Alpine Pond - Yosemite
Big Virginia Lake - California
Little Virginia Lake - California
Donner's Lake - California
Spring in Tioga Pass - Yosemite
Lake In Tioga Pass - Yosemite
Last Light on Glen Alpine Falls - Lake Tahoe
Eagle Falls Cascade - Lake Tahoe
Rushing Water - Eagle Falls At Lake Tahoe
Waterfall at Big Virginia Lake - California
Eagle Falls - Lake Tahoe
Lily Lake Cascade
Rushing Water - Eagle Falls - Lake Tahoe
Lily Lake Cascade II
Tufas After Sunset - Mono Lake
Alpine Glow and Tufas - Mono Lake
Mono Lake Sunrise
Tufa Sunset - Mono Lake
Tufas - Mono Lake
Tufas at Twilight - Mono Lake
Tufas at Mono Lake
Tufas At Mono Lake II
Tufas at Mono Lake III
Tufas at Mono Lake IV
Tufas at Mono Lake V
Tufas at Mono Lake VI
Tufas at Mono Lake VII
Milky Way and Tufas - Mono Lake
Sunlit Tufas - Mono Lake
Tufas by Twilight - Mono Lake
Emerald Bay Sunrise - Lake Tahoe
Sand Harbor - Lake Tahoe
Tree Reflections - Lake Tahoe
Tree Reflections - Vertical - Lake Tahoe
Sun Setting at Cave Cove - Lake Tahoe
Rocks - Lake Tahoe
Cave Cove After Sunset - Lake Tahoe
Emerald Bay - Lake Tahoe
Mossy Pines - Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe Shoreline
Sand Harbor at Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe and Mountains
Sand Harbor Rocks at Lake Tahoe
Morning Light on Lake Tahoe
Blooming On The Cliff Wall - Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe is very photogenic.  Didn't have the best of lighting while we were there, but you make the best of things.  Spent a good deal of time in Cave Cove and Sand Harbor.  Also enjoyed the lakes and waterfalls around Emerald Bay.  I have posted the waterfall and cascade photos below.
Spent a couple days photographing the tufas at Mono Lake in California.  Water levels were quite low.  A good number of the tufas that were on land should be in the water.  Also decided to try my hand at Milky Way photography from here.
As long as we were in the area, we drove along Tioga Pass in Yosemite.  Also were treated to some nice lakes and mountains in the Virginia Lakes area.
We were fortunate to see several herds of wild horses while we were in Nevada.
Spring Birds!
Waterfalls and cascades near Lake Tahoe and the Virginia Lakes area in California.
Bass Lake Road - Vilas County, MN
Maple Among Birches - Vilas County, MN
Colorful Creek - Vilas County, MN
Maple Lake Road - Vilas County, MN
Autumn Maple - Vilas County, MN
Maples at Trout Lake - Vilas County, MN
Trout Lake Colors - Vilas County, MN
Maple Leaves
Pike River - Kenosha County, WI
Wisconsin River Colors
Backlit Birches - Adams County, WI
Pond on Gunflint Trail, MN
Distant Fog - Gunflint Trail, MN
Gunflint Birches - Cook County, MN
Gunflint Colors
Gunflint Trail Hillside
Gunflint View
Irish Creek - Arrowhead Trail, MN
Birches on Arrowhead Trail, MN
Birch Trees and Maples - Gunflint Trail
Reds and Yellows - Gunflint Trail, MN
Yellows of the Gunflint Trail
Pallisade Creek - Cook County, MN
Nighttime at Huron Lake
Milky Way On The Gunflint Trail
Big Dipper and Aurora - Do you see the Big Dipper Reflections in the Water?
Some nighttime photography.  I have waited several years to get a northern light photo!  Saw them out first night in northern MN.
The colors were totally awesome when we were in Vilas County in northern MN.  We definitely hit that area at peak!
We started on the Gunflint Trail for our fall photography trip this year.  Didn't see any moose this trip.  
Chippewa River in Wisconsin
Winter Pines
Winter Up North
Winter Creek
Cold Reflections
Snow Covered Trees
Snow Trees
Snow Trees - Abstract
Spent a couple days photographing the trumpeter swans at Monticello, MN.  Not the thousands that were supposed to be there due to warmer weather, but still plenty to take photos of.
This winter hasn't been the greatest for photography, but I guess I can't complain, because I got some pretty nice ones.
Showy Lady Slippers
Showy Lady Slipper
Prairie Assortment
Cone Flowers
Summer Prairie
Sunset On Hatch Lake
White Pelicans All In A Row
Preening Pelican
Wild Geranium
White Flowering Crab
Single Pink Tulip
Bleeding Hearts
Flowering Crab Blossoms
Two Tone Iris
Fireworks Wolf's Vision Style.  While they are not nature photos, I enjoy photographing fireworks and sharing them.
A few photos from this summer.
Loons at Hatch Lake in northern Minnesota.
Spring flowers.  I use my macro lens the most during this time of the year.