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Caspian Terns in Racine
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Wolf's Vision
Nature Photography
Lake Mead
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             Brian Wolf

Showy Lady Slippers.  Perhaps my favorite flower to photograph.
Springtime Tulips

Spent a day with my macro lens going around and photographing tulips.  My macro photos of flowers sometimes take on an abstract feel - but I like that!
Snow On Aspens
Fresh Snow In The Bighorns
Snowy May Morning In The Bighorns
Elevation Changes - Bighorns
Clouds and Snow - Bighorns
Bighorn National Recreation Area
Aspens and Willows Abstract
Bull Moose Feeding On Willows
Grizzly Bear
Grizzly Bear II
Cloudy Oxbow Bends
Tetons In The Clouds
Absaroka Range Reflecting In Yellowstone Lake
Abyss Pool - West Thumb Basin
Angel Terrace
Artist Point
Barronette Peak
Bison and Calf
Bison and Calf II
Bison and Calf III
Bison Calf
Red Dog
Nursing Calf
Black Bear
Black Sand Basin
Bobby Sock Trees
Bubbling Water
Bighorn Sheep Butting Heads
Calcite Springs
Canary Springs
Celestine Pool
Cliff Geyser
Cow and Calf
Elk Cow and Cafl
Nursing Elk Calf
Dragon Mouth
Emerald Pool
Feeding Grizzly Bear
Fire Damage and Mountains
Fly Fishing The Firehole River
Forest Fire Abstract
Forest Fire
Forest Fire Abstract II
Frozen Lewis Lake
Gibbon River and Fog
Galatin Range Reflection
Gibbon River and Geysers
LeHardy Rapids Abstract
Grand Canyon Of The Yellowstone
Grizzly Bear - Snow
Grizzly Bear II - Snow
Harlequin Ducks At LeHardy Rapids
Hitchhiker on Bison
Lower Falls
Nymph Lake
Reflections in Emerald Pool
Reflections In Yellowstone Lake
Reflections In Opalescent Pool
Singing Western Meadowlark
Ruffed Grouse
Sparring With Mom
Spruse Grouse
Steam and Clouds
Swan Lake Flats
Western Grebe
Willow Park
Yellow Bellied Marmots
I enjoy taking fireworks photos and can't resist posting them from time to time on this nature photography site!
On the way back from Yellowstone we made a visit to Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  Got to spend a good deal of time with the wild horses the first morning we were there. (If you have an interest in the horse photos, contact me as I have many, many more from the trip that are not posted here.)
Had an excellent time in Yellowstone National Park toward the end of May.  I particularly enjoyed the remaining snow on the mountain peaks.  There were baby bison everywhere!   The elk were just starting to calve as we left.  Bears were active as they were foraging for food after their hibernation.  Amazing how busy the park was already in May.
The weather was not kind to us for the couple days we had scheduled for Grand Teton National Park.  Not much opportunity for scenery pictures as it rained/snowed lots and the mountains were covered in clouds.
We drove through the Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming on our way to Yellowstone.  We were met by lots of new snow as we went over in the morning.  Also spent some time outside of Yellowstone on the Chief Joseph Highway.  Went through the northern section of the Bighorns on our way back home and were treated to a spot where there were 5 moose easily photographed from the road!
Made a very brief stop at Badlands National Park, SD on our way to Yellowstone.   See other badlands photos here.
The weather was cold and not the greatest when we went to northern MN for our annual fishing trip to Hatch Lake.  I did manage to get some some nice loon photos and a couple of eagle shots.  Click here for additional Loon Photos.
Aspen Boles
Aspen Reflections
Colors Of The San Juan Mountains
Colorful Aspens
Orange Aspens
Aspen Forest - Ohio Pass
San Juan Mountains
Aspen Rainbow
A few from our recent fall trip to Colorado.  Others from this trip and more Colorado fall scenery photos can be seen at the Fall Colors And Scenery page.
Golden Canopy
Maple Canopy
Orange Maple
Golden Maples
Pond Reflections
Yellow Canopy
A Few Wisconsin Fall Colors.  For more Wisconsin Colors go to the Fall Colors And Scenery page.