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Caspian Terns in Racine
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Wolf's Vision
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Lake Mead
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             Brian Wolf

Erosion Arches
Clouds Rolling In
Colorful Sandstone
Colorful Valley of Fire
Crazy Hill
Fire Wave
Koalin Wash
Pink Canyon
Pink Canyon II
Pink Canyon III
Pink Canyon IV
Pink Canyon V
Rough Terrain
Sandstone Palette
Storm Clouds
Valley of Fire
Valley of Fire Formations
Valley of Fire II
Valley of Fire III
​I had a conference in Las Vegas, NV.   Since Valley of Fire State Park is only about 45 minutes north of there, I couldn't resist the temptation of spending some time in the park.  While the whole park is an awesome place, I decided to focus on the north end of the park, which I consider to be the most colorful.  These photos are from the Crazy Hill, Pink Canyon and Fire Wave areas.
Olsen Cabin with Bear - I also have this scene without the bear
Bud Ogle Farm
Trillium With Dark Center
Strutting Turkey
Sparks Lane
Springtime In The Woods - Phlox
Wild Geraniums
Early Light On Cades Cove
Dogwood On The Ridge
Smokey Mountain Waterfall
Sunset On The Creek
Yellow Trillium
First Sunlight Dogwoods
River's Edge Dogwood
Cades Cove Dogwoods
Hen Turkey
Colorful Stream
Crested Dwarf Iris
River In Spring
Pink Fringed Trillium
Dogwood Branch
Mossy Waterfall
Showy Orchis
Feeding Doe
​I planned my spring trip to Great Smokey Mountain National Park to coincide with the dogwood bloom.  They did not disappoint!  There were plenty of other wildflowers in bloom as well.  This place was a photographer's dream.
Spent about an hour photographing these swans weren't camera shy.  They actually swam closer to me when they noticed me on the side of the pond!  

The egret was standing on some rocks at a base of a dam.  
Baltimore Oriole
Baltimore Oriole II
Blue Jay
Brown Thrasher
Downy Woodpecker
European Finch
Flowering Crab
House Finch
Landing Banded Pennant
Lunch Time - Savannah Sparrow
Marsh Bachelor - Yellow Headed Blackbird
Orange Tulips
Pink Tulip
Rose Breasted Grosbeak
Ruby Throated Hummingbird
Spring Tulips
Tulip Blossom
Windy Day Banded Pennant
Whooping Crane
Avocet II
Avocets Feeding
Avocets Swimming
Big Mouthful - Heron
Burrowing Owl
Cinnamon Teal
Elk And Mountains
Hallett Peak
Moraine Park
Moraine Park Sunrise
Purple Mountains
Rocky Mountain National Park
Tulip Colors I
Tulip Colors II
Turkey Profile
Turkey Shadow
Western Meadowlark
Prairie Dog
Prairie Dog Pups
Balancing Rock
Garden Of Gods and Pikes Peak
Kissing Camels
Kissing Camels and Pikes Peak
Baltimore and juvenile orioles.
Baltimore Oriole
Black Necked Stilt At Horicon National Wildlife Refuge - Vertical
Black Necked Stilt - Horicon National Wildlife Refuge
Blue Jay
Blue Wing Teal - Horicon Marsh
Canada Geese
Canada Goose and Goslings - Horicon National Marsh
Goslings - Horicon National Marsh
House Finch
Feeding Time - Baltimore Oriole
Tulip Macro - Vertical
Tulip Macro
Rough Water Shovler - Horicon National Wildlife Refuge
Sandhill Crane
Sandhill Crane In Flight
Flowering Crab I
Flowering Crab II
Took a trip to visit our son in Colorado in May.  Spent time at Rocky Mountain National Park, Arsenal National Wildlife Area and Barr Lake State Park.
Abstracts of uprooted pine trees in Rocky Mountain National Park.
Garden Of The Gods.
Spring photos in Wisconsin.
Showy Lady Slippers.  Perhaps my favorite flower to photograph.
Lake sunrise and sunset photos.
Assorted photos.
Common Loons