Sunrise on the Pike River and Lake Michigan
February Blizzard
Wolf's Vision
Nature Photography
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Brian Wolf
Birches and Maple Leaves - Michigan UP

Whooping Cranes
Painted Lady on Cone Flower
Common Loon
Morning Fog on Island Lake
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Wolf's Vision Nature Photography  
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Featuring the work of nature photographer Brian Wolf

The spring bird migration is pretty much over.  I will be posting some of those photos to the Recent Photos pages very shortly.

I have just finished Amargo which is the 6th in my series of children's adventure books.  The book is about a young foal growing up in Theodore Roosevelt National Park.    Click the link above to see details of the book.

I am in the process of planning a trip to Utah this summer.  It will include several national parks, national monuments, state parks and national forests. Stay tuned for pics!

There are several new notecard sets and  Christmas cards have been updated for 2022.

I am now working on a new children's book - The Trillium Woods.  It has been a fun project so far!

Interior decorators/designers if you don't see something you are looking for, email me I probably have it!

Enjoy the website!  Spend some time and look around.

Brian Wolf

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